Tell Me The Story

Church Service in Porungon, Ghana

In the US we’ve heard the story of Christmas. Whether you are a church goer or not, you’ve heard about how baby Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. You might know the full story from Sunday School. You might have heard bits and pieces from Christmas carols. The bottom line is… you’ve heard.

Today Heidi and I got to witness an amazing event. We were present to hear Tommy Harrison, a missionary volunteer in Nalerigu, tell the story of Christmas to the people of a remote Kokomba village in northern Ghana.

As I watched and listened I was envious of these people. As much as I hate to admit it, the nativity story has lost the sense of wonder it should have for me. Years of jolly, jingly, Christmas carols, emphases on presents, and romanticized images of a cute little white baby in a well lit, prim, and proper stable have taken their toll on me.

It was refreshing today to see a group of people who had no pre-conceptions about Christ and the manger hear and appreciate the story. I hope that as you look at the photos you can appreciate it a bit more too.