Reunited with Boyz2

Boyz2Men in his studio

The last two times I was here, I connected with a young man my age who is the town’s resident artist. His name is Mahamadou Mumuri but he goes by the nickname “Boyz2Men.”

His art work is seen all over town in the form of commercial signage. He paints murals, signs, and does hand lettering for businesses. Mahamadou was never trained in art and has developed his own unique (and awesome) style. He always signs his work with his nickname and phone number and has really made a name for himself in the region.

Since I last saw him in 2008, his business has grown and he now has his own studio in town and gets commissioned to do work as far aways as Kumasi in the south of the country.

I’ve been hanging out with him a lot this week and hope to post more about him and his art in the weeks to come.