Snake Encounter at Nakpanduri

02-nakpanduri-blacks-0163The Blacks are in town visiting for a couple weeks so we decided to take their whole gang and a new volunteer up to the ‘scarp. Trey was excited to show off all his favorite climbing places to the other kids.

However, while going through a crevasse Trey has dubbed “Fat Man’s Squeeze” one of the kids spotted a snake lurking on a thin ledge on the rock wall. Trey had just squeezed through seconds earlier! We haven’t identified what type of snake it was but the head shape and round pupils seem to indicate that it is non-venemous.

The rest of our hike was thankfully pretty uneventful!

** UPDATE ** The snake has been identified as a non-venomous Dorr’s Racer (Bamanophis Dorri).