Pinecrest Baptist Church Team

Our last year in Georgia before moving to Ghana was spent in the lovely little town of Cordele (about 1 hour south of Macon). Even though we were just temporary residents, the community and church (Pinecrest Baptist Church) embraced us and made us their own.

20161104-whaun-pinecrest-baptist-church-ghana-whaun-1819This month we were excited (and a bit nervous) to host our first volunteer team from Cordele. The group consisted of Rev. David, Scott, Pam and Jean. The team came out prepared to do children’s ministry and evangelism. Being the church’s first trip, we set up a variety of activities to see what was a good fit. Here is some of what they did over the course of the week:

  • Children’s program at a Christian primary school
  • One-on-one evangelism with patients at the hospital
  • Two children’s programs in villages with over 280 kids attending each one (!!!)
  • Leading hospital devotions for staff & patients
  • Sunday School for kids in a village
  • Preaching at a village church
  • Craft activities with sick patients in the children’s ward
  • Leading “Station Meeting” devotions for doctors & their families

I couldn’t be more proud of the team from Cordele. We definitely pushed them out of their comfort zone a bit but they didn’t complain. They ready to jump into any task I had prepared for them.

We also praise God for:

  • Their travel plans going perfectly (no lost luggage or delays!)
  • Each person staying healthy and strong during the trip
  • The wonderful Ghanaian church members who helped organize the events and translate
  • The seven people who put their faith in Jesus Christ as a result of the one-on-one evangelism


Pinecrest Baptist Church will be sending another team out in January and we are looking forward to hosting them again.