Experiencing Israel with Pastor Andy Cook

Six years ago I had the privilege of working with Pastor Andy Cook in creating multimedia materials for Bible education. Andy’s ministry Experience Israel Now uses them in seminars and speaking engagements in churches, school, and prisons in the US. I was thrilled that he asked me to come work with him again this month in Israel.

This trip was different from the first one in that we didn’t hit the most popular sites but explored biblical locales that are a bit more off the beaten path. We traveled for ten days from Beersheeba down to the Sea of Galilee, north to Omrit and and back up to Jerusalem.

Another new twist was that Chris Dunn of Georgia Drone Pros came along to shoot drone footage of the sites. He got some incredible aerial footage – some of it had never been shot before!

Here are some of the sites we visited along with Scripture references for many of them to show their Biblical ties. You can also read an article by the Macon Telegraph about our trip.