Meet Deron (audio interview & pictures)

Deron Meilstrup has been living in West Africa with his wife Mary Beth for 2 years. Deron is a counselor serving on the Member Care Team and Mary Beth is the region’s media strategist.

I’ve been working with the Meilstrups this week in Abidjan and interviewed him about his background and the work he has been doing all over West Africa. You can listen to the 10-minute interview below:

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Meet Jessica (audio interview & pictures)

Jessica Van Bibber is a 4th year medical student from Kansas City, Missouri studying family medicine. She came to Nalerigu’s Baptist Medical Centre to volunteer for 1 month. Jessica came to Ghana with her mother Kathy and she worked along side of Heidi. They enjoyed examining patients together and taking call together so that they could bounce ideas off each other and pool their collective knowledge of medicine.

Jessica Van Bibber - 4th year Medical Student volunteering at BMC

I interviewed Jessica a week before she left to get her impressions of West Africa and working at a hospital in a 3rd world country. You can listen to the 9-minute audio interview as an MP3 (3.5MB) using the following link:

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Meet Kathy (audio interview & pictures)

Not all volunteers that come to the medical center in Nalerigu are doctors or medical staff. Kathy is a music teacher who came to Ghana for one month with her daughter (who was doing medical work). So what did Kathy do for one month while her daughter worked long hours at the hospital? Sit around getting a tan?

Not even close! Actually, I think she did get a good bit of sun but it sure wasn’t from sitting around. Kathy worked with two local schools teaching music classes. I went with her a couple times and saw her bravely survive a mob of over 100 brightly uniformed school kids.

Kathy Van Bibber at Nalerigu, Ghana’s Happy Child Learning Center

I interviewed Kathy so that she could share her wonderful experiences here with our blog readers. I also hope that it reminds you that you don’t have to be a doctor, nurse, or medical technician to serve out here. Even elementary music teachers can make a tremendous impact on lives in West Africa.

You can listen to the 5-minute audio interview below:

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Meet Oli (audio interview & pictures)

The Baptist Medical Center has a lot of volunteers and students pass through its doors. They stay for varying lengths of time, from one week to several months. Our first week in Nalerigu, Ghana was Oli Simpson’s last week. He is a British medical student from Guernsey who has been volunteering for 8 weeks to fulfill his degree’s requirement for an elective.

I sat down with Oli the day before he left and interviewed him about his time working here. He describes his stay here and some of the cases he saw. You can listen to the 10-minute audio interview below:

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