Photo of the Day

This photo was taken on the road to the market.  Children here make toys out of found objects.  No Fisher Price, no Hasbro, no G.I. Joe.  This boy was having a jolly good time pushing and chasing this old tire down the dirt road.

Photo of the Day

I take many photos during the day and try to sort through them all in the evening – deleting the bad ones, flagging the good ones. I’m going to try to post a favorite from each day that I take photos. The beauty of photography is that it captures a real moment – a real person. Those moments and people have real stories to tell and hopefully the photograph helps communicate the story to you the viewer. With that in mind I’ll try to give a bit of background behind each image and explain why I picked it.

One of the most overwhelming things at the hospital is the amount of people and the amount of time they spend waiting. Waiting to register. Waiting to be admitted by the medical staff. Waiting to be examined by a doctor. Waiting to pay for their prescription. Waiting to pick up their medicine. This photo was taken at about 6pm of a Muslim man waiting just outside the door of Heidi’s examining office. He was next in line and patiently stood there with his head bowed until his name was called.

This was my favorite of the day because you can see in his face just how tired he is from the wait. The negative space to the right behind him captures all that time that has been lost as he sat around all day waiting for this moment that is just around the corner.

Photos From Our Day in Accra

We stayed at the guest house compound today. I worked on their computers and Heidi & Trey played and napped. The guest house used to be a dorm for missionary kids so there is a large soccer field, basket ball court and playground on the compound. Trey enjoyed the playground and had a blast running around the soccer field.

We’ve also realized it isn’t a big deal that we didn’t pack any toys for him. As you can see in the pictures, he’s perfectly content with a pile of rocks. I can just hear him in 80 years saying to his grandkids “well, when I was a boy in Africa we only had rocks to play with!”

Tomorrow we fly to Tamale in the morning and then drive to Nalerigu in the afternoon. Please pray that the journey isn’t too stressful.

The Guest House Compound in Accra - yes, those airplanes flying over are LOUD Trey enjoys the warm African sun I climbed up the soccer goal post for this Trey tummy shot
Pink flowers in the courtyard Baby Trey hides behind a baby banana tree Banana blur
Playing with rocks next to the guest house security guard Who needs toys! Poster for the new Fox sitcom “Baby Prison Break”

Photos of the Canopy Walk

One of the more popular tourist destinations in Ghana is the canopy walk found in the Kakum National Forest. It takes about 3 hours to get to Kakum, and unfortunately the canopy walk only takes about 30 minutes and is the only attraction at the park. No camping, no hiking, nothing. They do have some guided nature walks but they are quite short and more suited for elementary kids.

Here are some images from my visit there in 2005 (click image to open gallery).

Canopy Walk in the Kakum National Forest

Photos of Accra, Ghana

In the summer of 2005 I went to Accra, Ghana to lead computer workshops at a missionary conference. Here are some of the photos I took during my week there (click image to open gallery).

Acrobatic Kid on the beach in Accra, Ghana