Pregnancy & Umbilical Hernia

A 36-37 week pregnant woman with her uterus in her umbilcal hernia sacSeveral weeks ago I posted information about umbilical hernias and mentioned a very rare case we saw. A woman’s uterus had slipped into her umbilical hernia and she was 32 weeks pregnant. She was admitted to the hospital then and put on bed rest until a c-section could be done.

I thought I would post an updated photo of her and ask you to pray for her and Dr. Faile as they will most likely be doing the c-section tomorrow.

Super White Oats

Super White OatsTalk about the breakfast of champions! This is what I’ve been eating every morning. They may not taste all that great but staring at the genius artwork while I eat makes me forget about all that.

I’m a bit perplexed by the yellow burst in the bottom right stating “NEW Improved”. I didn’t know you could improve on raw oats all that much. Maybe the old version was just white and not super white.

I know one thing for sure – if David Brent saw these he would point a finger and say “Racial.”

Photo of the Day

I’m been playing around more with flash photography and have gotten some interesting results by bouncing the flash off of different walls and angled surfaces. This image was taken in a poorly lit room and I bounced the flash off a side wall at about a 45 degree angle. That way the subject was evenly lit and there weren’t any shadows.

In post-production I desaturated the image quite a bit to give it a more stylized look. I also wanted to tone down the scarf she had on because it was very brightly colored and distracted from her face.

Incision & Drainage

We see many skin infections here at BMC. Many have progressed to abscesses and boils. These are collections of pus that have been walled off or encapsulated. They are usually exquisitely tender due to the pressure. The treatment for such is to lance it open – incision and drainage (I&D).

Sometimes, there are loculated pockets of pus which must be probed and opened in order to allow proper drainage. Often, I&D is the only treatment needed, but antibiotics can also be given if it is likely that the surrounding skin will get infected. Local anesthetic doesn’t work very well because the acidity of the abscess, so the procedure is somewhat painful. I have done quite a few I&D’s here, on fingers, hands, legs, buttocks, groins, etc. Read More

Photo of the Day

I took this image of the boy in the same village as the elderly lady whose photo I posted yesterday. I really like the contrast between the two faces.

William, as seen in the reflection of the boy’s eyes!I also like how if you zoom in REAL close you can see my silhouette in his eye. That is when those 10 megapixels start paying off!

NNRV (New Nafana Robertson Version)

“I’m telling you man, there’s no kick like the one you get when you tell these stories to those who’ve never heard.”

Jerry works on translation in his officeThat’s what Jerry Robertson said to me as he and his wife Carol worked on translating Scripture into the Nafana language. Not only is the Bible unavailable in their dialect of Nafana but there is no literature available as there is no written form of the language. They spend hours and hours translating verse by verse, phrase by phrase, and word by word in order to share God’s Word. Read More