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Back in college my brother-in-law Kenny educated me about the importance and constant presence of the primary colors in life. Ever since then, I see those building blocks of color everywhere. The operating room is no exception.

Primary Colors in Surgery

Sickle Cell Disease

A woman with her young child waits to be called into the examination roomA 17 year old girl presented to me in clinic 1 week after giving birth to her first born child at home. She complained of fever, abdominal pain, bilateral hip pain and leg swelling. She stated that the pregnancy and delivery were without complications. She stated that there was no hemorrhaging after delivery and the placenta was delivered without a problem. About 2 days later, she began having fever and pain and became very weak. She had no nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Denied any vaginal bleeding. No history of trauma to the legs. Read More

Meet Rachel (audio interview & pictures)

So far I’ve interviewed a counselor, a teacher, and two medical students during my travels in West Africa. This past week I met Rachel Horlings, a maritime archaeologist working off the coast of Ghana, and I had to get her fascinating story recorded.

Rachel’s parents have been Presbyterian missionaries in Nigeria for over 31 years. Rachel was born in Nigeria and grew up there with her 4 siblings. She went to FSU for 6 years and has been working on her PhD at Syracuse University.

Rachel Horlings at her shipwreck site off the coast of Ghana

In the interview Rachel talks about the shipwreck she has been studying/excavating near the town of Elmina (yes, Herzog fans, that Elmina). Maritime archeology was something I knew nothing about and I found her to be full of interesting info. You can download the 18 minute audio interview below:

Read More

Photo of the Day

I was glad to snap this shot of a girl studying at a school (on a Saturday!) before she noticed me and turned around (when the boy in the background let her know I was there).

A young girl studies at school in Nalerigu, Ghana

The Wangara Radio Man

When I visited the village of Wangara in July 2005 I took a photo of a man listening to a radio under a tree. Yesterday when I visited the village I found the same man under the same tree.

He had a new shirt and a box of matches instead of a radio. I had a new beard and a digital camera instead of a black & white film one.


July 2005
Wangara Radio Man - 2007
November 2007


Baptisms in the Densu River

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God – John 1:12

Baptisms in the Densu River

Before the baptisms we had a small worship service at Ebenezer Baptist church in city of Nsawam. The eight new Christians came from the surrounding villages to be baptized in the Densu River which passes through Nsawam. Pastor Chris had a member read John 1:12 and they all discussed it and talked about the significance of being baptized in public. Read More