The Mountain

I hesitate to call it a mountain. I’ve been in the Rockies. I know what mountains are. However, all the locals call this hill “the mountain” so I decided to hike to it and climb it today.

I followed paths through the fields to get as close as I could and finally had to just cut through the bush to get up there. The grass was chest high at times and the side of the hill was covered with boulders. When I got to the top I was greeted by a large snake (he slithered up a tree and we agreed to leave each other alone).

My whole point in going up there was to get a shot of Nalerigu from above and it didn’t work out too well because I was facing the sun. A huge thunderstorm unloaded on me when I was up top and the photos I snapped before the rain came were so-so. Here is the best (actually a composite of three). Click the image for a bigger version – in it you can barely make out the village on the horizon.

View of Nalerigu from the mountain

Pray for Heidi and a newborn

The board letting everyone know that Heidi is on callToday was Heidi’s first day on call. With Dr. Faile being gone, Dr. Hewitt has been on call for almost 5 days straight. He needed a break and Heidi was the only one available.

It was a really rough day for her too because four patients died. Please pray for her as she deals with the stress & emotions of loosing those patients. Also lift up the families of those four individuals as they grieve.

Heidi checks up on a sick young girlThere is good news though. Heidi was able to save a newborn today that came in limp, blue, and barely breathing. She had to stimulate the child for almost an hour and give it oxygen. It finally started responding and as of the last check she did late this evening it is recovering slowly but surely. Please pray that the child will continue to recover and begin nursing regularly.

Another praise is that a young Argentinian doctor named Thomas randomly showed up today and offered to help. He was on his way to another hospital farther north and decided to drop in and see if we needed any help. How’s that for an answer to prayer?

Photo of the Day

This kid just had corrective surgery for bow-leggedness.  I think his body language in this image sums up how he feels about having two casts on his legs.

A boy recovers after corrective surgery for bow-leggedness

Photo of the Day

The white powder you see is ground corn. It has been spread out on a cement slab to dry in the sun. I took this photo by Koko Duu, the hospital’s nutrition center. Women with malnourished children bring their kids there during the day to feed them a high protein porridge.

In the mid-day sun the corn was a brilliant white that threw me off at first. I didn’t realize it was corn – all I could see was a blinding square of light in the middle of the grass. On close inspection my eyes adjusted and the powder looked like an abstract work of art with all the finger lines through it from when it was spread out.

There’s a New Chief in Town

This is a follow-up to my post a week ago about a funeral I attended after the death of a chief.

Yesterday I passed by the house of the chief that died last Sunday to greet his family. I was introduced to his eldest son who has now assumed the role his father once held.

He was very cordial and agreed to let me “snap him”. I hope to return and greet him again this week and perhaps have some more time to chat and get to know him.

The deceased chief’s eldest son who has now taken his father’s title


Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Nalerigu (PCGN)Last week we went to Nalerigu First Baptist for church but this week we decided to attend the Presbyterian Church known as “Presby.” Baby and her family attend that church so we thought it would be nice to see some familiar faces.

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