2018’s Christmas Tree Timelapse

Every year we do a little timelapse video of our Christmas decoration. This year we upgraded a bit and went 4K for all ya’ll with big, fancy TVs! See all the past years’ below:

Christmas Day 2016

Much like last year’s Christmas Day, we spent the day at church and then visiting our friends and sharing food with them. This year Heidi had to bake a lot more banana bread loaves and cookies because we… Read More

Christmas Eve Family Time

In anticipation of really busy Christmas Day, we once again had our “family time” on Christmas Eve. This year our family grew a lot! Not only was it KJ’s first Christmas, but our PeaceCorps friend Jesse joined us… Read More

Christmas Tree Time Again!

It’s that time of year again! We put up a Christmas tree and I make a low quality, but mildly entertaining timelapse video of the tradition.