White Volta Rapids in Dry Season

Last October, at the very end of rainy season, Nils and I hiked to the White Volta rapids north of Gambaga. There we found the engorged river roaring over an impressive rock formation. We decided then that we’d… Read More

Burkina Drone Shots

We’ve been vacationing in southwestern Burkina Faso this past week and I brought my drone along. Here are some aerial views of the sites we saw.

Dry Season Gardening

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but some of our best, locally-grown veggies only show up at market in the dry season. You’d think they’d be abundant in the rainy season but too much sporadic rain┬áduring and a multitude… Read More

A New Perspective

My employer recently issued a drone to me for use in work related photography and video productions. While a drone is a very expensive tool, it’s also a lot of fun. In order to be good a piloting… Read More