Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Maluwe

Maluwe is a small village in northwestern Ghana that has one of the nation’s remaining six mud mosques. It’s mosque may be the youngest with oral tradition placing its construction in the 1940s. The building’s structure has been modified significantly in recent decades.

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Bole

The historic mosque of Bole, Ghana is an early 20th century mud building in the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. It features two short towers along with the classic buttresses and exterior wood scaffolding design. Only five other mosques like it are still in use in northern Ghana.

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Nakore

Nakore has the only remaining Sudano-Sahelian style mud mosque in Ghana’s Upper West Region. It is well maintained by the local community and can be visited just outside of Wa for a fee of 10 cedis.

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