Visiting Nagboo Patient

Recently, I was able to visit one of my patients in his home, to greet his wife and new baby boy and to pray with them. Over a year ago, I had to amputate his lower leg. He had been shot by armed robbers. The tibia and fibula were shattered and the blood supply to the foot was compromised. The patient first chose to go to the local “bone setter,” and returned only when the foot was already dead. He finally agreed to amputation and healed well afterwards. He was highly motivated to get a prosthesis and did very well with the training. Once he returned from the training center with his new leg, he rode his bike from his village to the hospital (about 3 miles) just to greet me.

When we went to the Baptist church in his village, he saw me and invited me to greet his wife and new baby. The pastor of the church accompanied me and we encouraged him and prayed with them. The best part was when my son asked me which leg was the fake leg!