Spread the News! The Hauns are Going to Africa!


8 Archived Comments on “Spread the News! The Hauns are Going to Africa!

  1. Hey guys! I’d love to be a part of supporting you in prayer. I’ll be watching the website. Blessings on you all, especially the little genius.

  2. The Lokens are praying for the Hauns. Beautiful Africa. Please do your best to capture that night sky on film.

  3. Guys, the video is amazing and what you guys are doing with your lives is amazing. Will you all adopt the Lowery family and take us with you?

  4. Ah l’Africain (William Haun) est de retour dans la brousse! I haven’t been in Ghana but that’s sound a fun trip. Make sure he is not running naked outside when it rains!

  5. Loved the website and will continue to watch it for updates. May you shine HIS light into the lives of all you come into contact with…Baby genius is adorable! :)

  6. Hey Haun Family,
    Please know that we are following your journey! We are (will continue) praying for you guys and your specific prayer requests. What an awesome time God is blessing your family with. Can’t wait for all of the updates.

    Lots of love coming your way from North Carolina!
    The Carlsons