Christmas Church Service in Kolinvaai

As in years past, we went out to Kolinvaai to join our friends there for a Christmas morning church service. I was asked to preach and so I read the Christmas story from Luke and then focused on Simeon and Anna’s encounters with the Christ child. There was lots of singing and dancing after the sermon and the youth choir sang a few songs as well.

After the service the church enjoyed a meal of rice balls and ground nut soup together. They always treat us as honored guests and give us our food in fancy dishes to “take away.” Sometimes we wish we could stay and fellowship with everyone else, but it’s also nice to go home and get a little rest before we head to town and spend a few hours greeting all of our friends.

BMC Christmas Eve Caroling

As in years past, the expat doctors at BMC visited patients on the wards on Christmas Eve and passed out oranges. This year it was just the Cahills and us and we were joined by our German friend Mattis.

One thing we did differently this time was that William read the Christmas story in Mampruli in each ward. It was nice to be able to communicate the reason we followers of Jesus celebrate this holiday. For many is was probably the first time they heard the story in a clearly communicated in their heart language.

Mamprusi Dancing at Funeral

I thought this guy was a great example of typical dancing in a smock at Mamprusi cultural events.

Christmas Tree Time Gets an Upgrade

Every year we do a little timelapse video of our Christmas decoration. In the past they were simply recorded on my laptop’s webcam. This year the process got a high tech upgrade and is now a 360 degree, 4K video. Have fun spinning around in circles to keep up with the action!

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Hiking Along the Gambaga Escarpment

I took my friend Mattis to the Scarp and we hiked over to a new point. It allowed for a nice walk along the edge of the cliffs.

International Week of Prayer Video

We are honored to be one of the IMB’s featured missionary families for this year’s International Week of Prayer. You can see all the families’ features from around the world on the IMB website. Here is a short article from about our ministry:

The Haun Family Story

It was near midnight when IMB missionary Dr. Heidi Haun had finished up an abdominal surgery and returned home. Her baby, Karen Jane, and son, Trey, 10, had long been in bed under the watchful eye of her husband, William.

The Hauns serve in Nalerigu, Ghana, and her patient was a woman who sells cabbages under a mango tree on market days in town. Heidi had planned to perform surgery earlier in the day, but the operation was delayed by an emergency cesarean section. Still, after surgery that night, Heidi said the woman reached out to grasp her hand and thank her.

“I think that’s the neatest thing about having patients that live here in town…it leads to opportunities for relationship and gospel sharing,” Heidi explained. “I look forward to the opportunity to share Christ with her—more than just a patient-doctor relationship.”

  1. PRAY for wisdom and strength for the national medical staff and administration of the Baptist Medical Centre as they serve an overwhelming number of patients every day.
  2. PRAY Heidi and William will manage time wisely to avoid exhaustion and burnout as they work their time-consuming jobs in surgery and media.