What Your Photos Say About Mission

Taking your camera on that mission trip? Read some thoughts I have about respectful and ethical photography while on mission.

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KJ – Our Little Language Learning Helper

Pastor Appreciation in Sumnibooma#1

Yesterday was Pastor Appreciation Sunday at Sumnibooma#1, one of the village churches on my preaching circuit. After I preached, the kind folks there presented me with a brand new smock. The church also gave their pastor George a new mattress and his wife received some cloth to make new clothes for the family. I’m always humbled by the generosity of Ghanaians. Showing appreciation is such an important part of their culture and something I’m always reminded to strive for.

We were also excited to see the pastor’s daughter again. A couple months ago, she fell out of a shea nut tree and had a horrible broken arm. Heidi took care of it at the hospital, set it and put it in a cast. Yesterday we got to see her with the cast off and her arm has healed perfectly. Praise the Lord!

As per usual, Heidi also did some impromptu post-church service consultations. She can’t really treat anyone right there on the spot, but often she can save them a trip to the hospital if the problem isn’t serious or convince them to come if it is!

The baby she is examining in the photo below was stung by some insect in his arm over a week ago. The mother was worried about the mark but Heidi assured her it was healing well and she didn’t need to go to the hospital or buy any more medicine.

2018 Fire Festival Photos & Video

This year’s Fire Festival in Nalerigu was a fun one. After the NaYiri kick started the festivities by throwing the throngs of youth got crazy.

I took photos of the torch toss so the video below only shows the NaYiri’s arrival and then the rush of people (and police) after the flames.

NaYiri throwing fire:

Images from the after-party:

Rainy Season in Nalerigu

Three Month Kids’ Update (Photo Gallery)

We end up with a lot of individual photos of the kids that don’t particularly deserve a blog post of their own. So now’s our chance to dump three month’s worth of photos on you. Here you go! Read More

Grandparents Visit

We’ve been blessed to have the kids’ grandparents visit us each year that we’ve been in West Africa. This year was my parents’ turn and they timed it so that KJ and “Granny Sarah” could celebrate their birthdays together.

During their two weeks with us we toured around northern Ghana a bit taking them to Pikworo Slave Camp, Navrongo’s minor basilica, the Gambaga Escarpment and Mole National Park. My father also preached at our local church one Sunday. I think their favorite thing was just time at our house spent playing with the grandkids.

Here are their photos from their visit: Read More