The Joy of the Print

Here are some of the Mamprusi Paramount Chief’s Warriors (Kambonsi) having a laugh after I delivered to them a print of a portrait I made of one of them. Here’s the original shot:


Dry Season Gardening

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but some of our best, locally-grown veggies only show up at market in the dry season. You’d think they’d be abundant in the rainy season but too much sporadic rain during and a multitude of pests make gardening difficult. Farmers are also more focused on ploughing, sowing, and weeding their main staple crops of corn, millet, beans, and groundnuts.

In the dry season, those with access to plots by the creek can maintain healthy vegetable gardens if they are willing to do the hard work of irrigating the crops. And it’s hard work! Very few of the gardeners can afford a water pump (or the fuel to run it) so they manually carry 10-gallon jugs of water up and down from the creek. Humidity stays below 10% most of the dry season while temperatures can hit 110F so the plants need a lot of water.

Just south of Nalerigu is the predominantly Bissa village of Nagboo that is known for its dry season gardens. Most of its produce ends up at the Nalerigu market for sale. These gardeners produce cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, hibiscus, and amaranth greens.

I recently biked down to Nagboo with just a DJI Mavic drone and an iPhone and took some photos and video of the gardens. The gardeners were very gracious and happy to show off the fruit of their hard work.


A New Perspective

My employer recently issued a drone to me for use in work related photography and video productions. While a drone is a very expensive tool, it’s also a lot of fun. In order to be good a piloting and shooting with it when “on the job” I’ve got to get lots of flight hours in to practice. So far I’ve flown it in Burkina Faso, Thailand, and of course, Ghana.

Shooting from up high gives you a whole new perspective on things. Here are a few bird’s eye view shots of West Africa.

Photos from Thailand Trip

In February 2017 we spent some time in northern Thailand. We went on a few excursions which included a hike through a National Park to see waterfalls, elephant riding, sampling local coffee, visiting Buddhist temples, and a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo.

South Africa Safari

I just got back from a two week trip to South Africa to work on a media project about Africa’s rapid urbanization. After the coverage was wrapped up, my team took a day trip to Pilanesberg National Park to go on safari. I was there in early 2015 but was happy to go back and see the incredible wildlife. It really is the best park to visit to get the most wildlife bang for your buck.

Here’s a montage of video clips from the day followed by some photos.


Ghanaian Church “Nursery”