A New Perspective

My employer recently issued a drone to me for use in work related photography and video productions. While a drone is a very expensive tool, it’s also a lot of fun. In order to be good a piloting and shooting with it when “on the job” I’ve got to get lots of flight hours in to practice. So far I’ve flown it in Burkina Faso, Thailand, and of course, Ghana.

Shooting from up high gives you a whole new perspective on things. Here are a few bird’s eye view shots of West Africa.

Photos from Thailand Trip

In February 2017 we spent some time in northern Thailand. We went on a few excursions which included a hike through a National Park to see waterfalls, elephant riding, sampling local coffee, visiting Buddhist temples, and a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo.

South Africa Safari

I just got back from a two week trip to South Africa to work on a media project about Africa’s rapid urbanization. After the coverage was wrapped up, my team took a day trip to Pilanesberg National Park to go on safari. I was there in early 2015 but was happy to go back and see the incredible wildlife. It really is the best park to visit to get the most wildlife bang for your buck.

Here’s a montage of video clips from the day followed by some photos.


Ghanaian Church “Nursery”

All There Chop Bar

Every Sunday when we get back to Nalerigu from attending church in a village, we swing by ALL THERE CHOP BAR to grab lunch. Our friend Candy runs the business which is across the street from the Presby Church. The ladies there prepare local staples fufu, banku, kenkey, tz, and rice along with light soup, groundnut stew, and shito.

William likes to get banku and light soup and the rest of the family enjoys kenkey with groundnut stew. Our Sunday lunches cost us 3 Ghana cedis which is about 70cents US. And we usually can’t eat it all so Buster gets the left overs!

Camping at the Escarpment on Boxing Day

Trey has been asking to go camping at the scarp for a long time now. We finally set aside Boxing Day as the day to do it. We drove out to our favorite spot north of Namaasim and setup camp.

The above 360° photo is of us on the edge of the cliffs. Notice the pile of straw & sticks for the big bonfire. And now here’s the fire raging a few hours later!

In the morning a few early birds heading out to farm saw us and were perplexed by the idea of us sleeping out in the bush. They’d ask “what are you doing?” and I’d reply “we built a farm house (tent) and slept here.” “WHY?” was what I heard over and over again.

The closest thing I could say to “just for fun” in Mampruli roughly translates as “Because it was our heart’s desire.”