Rainy Season in Nalerigu

Three Month Kids’ Update (Photo Gallery)

We end up with a lot of individual photos of the kids that don’t particularly deserve a blog post of their own. So now’s our chance to dump three month’s worth of photos on you. Here you go! Read More

Grandparents Visit

We’ve been blessed to have the kids’ grandparents visit us each year that we’ve been in West Africa. This year was my parents’ turn and they timed it so that KJ and “Granny Sarah” could celebrate their birthdays together.

During their two weeks with us we toured around northern Ghana a bit taking them to Pikworo Slave Camp, Navrongo’s minor basilica, the Gambaga Escarpment and Mole National Park. My father also preached at our local church one Sunday. I think their favorite thing was just time at our house spent playing with the grandkids.

Here are their photos from their visit: Read More

Elephants in June at Mole National Park

With my parents’ visit we decided to take them to Mole National Park. June isn’t necessarily the best time to go because the rains have started and the elephants leave the watering holes and head into the bush. However, we got lucky and there were a good dozen or more still hanging around the area.

The kids spent a ton of time in the pool and it was a great chance for Heidi to have a break from hospital work.

We saw plenty of wildlife on the walking safari and then took our own truck into the park on safari to see more.

I finally got to see wild buffalo in the part though they were far away and I didn’t get a photo. Still checking it off my list!

Happy 3rd Birthday, KJ!

This weekend we celebrated KJ’s birthday at our home in Nalerigu. KJ’s grandparents had come to visit and Granny Sarah’s birthday is the day before KJ’s so it was a dual-birthday party!

Lots of KJ & Trey’s friends came as well as some of our colleagues and visiting volunteers from the hospital.

Ramadan Readings

It’s now Ramadan, a month considered holy to all muslims around the world. The month is full of special rituals and observances and many muslims of Nalerigu are observing them.

One of the more public occurrences in Ramadan is a daily reading of the Qu’ran at the central mosque after which an imam gives a sermon. This practice is normally observed at Jumu’ah (Fridays’ midday congregational prayers) but during Ramadan it is done daily.