The Mindful Eye Photo of the Week

I often visit a great website called “The Mindful Eye.” It is an online photography community that features articles, tutorials, podcasts, and forums on all things photographic. One of their best features is The Daily Critique; every couple days they post a video where a professional photographer offers constructive criticism on a photo that was submitted by a user to be critiqued. Watching these short videos can teach you a lot about photography.

They also let users submit images to be considered for the Photo of the Week pick. The pick of the week is then critiqued by a pro. I was flattered not only to have a portrait I made at BMC get picked but get such wonderful comments by Atlanta-based professional photographer Craig Tanner. As usual, listening to his critique of my image taught me something new: specular highlights!

Here’s his critique:

If you have an interest in photography and are looking to improve your skillset, I highly recommend The Mindful Eye.


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