Vacation in France (lots of photos!)

After Spain, we took a train to the Languedoc-Roussillon coastal region of France to visit our friends the Darriets. You may remember that last summer William officiated their eldest son’s wedding. The Darriet family were the BEST hosts and took us to all sorts of cool places in their incredibly beautiful and historic region!

Our friends never left us hungry. Every meal, every picnic and every snack was incredible!

Fréderic Darriet is a true lover of nature. He graciously took several days off work during our visit so that he could take us out on daily excursions into nature. The first hike was his favorite local spot: La Maison de la Nature in Lattes.

One day Fréderic drove us up to L’Espérou so that the kids could see snow. Poor KJ was not a fan of the cold. She enjoyed about 5 minutes of sledding and then was ready to go home. We stayed in the small village about an hour before going back down the mountain. It was a beautiful place though!

Another hike Fréderic took us on was to visit the Bois des Aresquiers Nature Preserve. It was a beautiful wooded coastland area with some ancient stone walls and paths.

The best night in France was when the Darriets kept our kids and let us go on a fancy date night. The meal was purchased as Heidi’s sister Rachel’s Christmas gift to us. We don’t get a lot of “date nights” so it was really special (and delicious).

Every time we’ve visited southern France, we’ve made a stop in the picturesque town of Bouzigues to buy fresh oysters.

More to come