Grandparents Visit

We’ve been blessed to have the kids’ grandparents visit us each year that we’ve been in West Africa. This year was my parents’ turn and they timed it so that KJ and “Granny Sarah” could celebrate their birthdays… Read More

Elephants in June at Mole National Park

With my parents’ visit we decided to take them to Mole National Park. June isn’t necessarily the best time to go because the rains have started and the elephants leave the watering holes and head into the bush…. Read More

KJ Learning to Swim

Watch videos of KJ swimming and see how she improved a lot this month during our short holiday in Mole National Park.

Mole National Park with Pinecrest Team

When the first team from Cordele came out it was rainy season. That time of year isn’t very good for animal spotting at Mole National Park. So they went south to see the slave castle at Cape Coast… Read More

Mole with Angela & Nat

Here are photos from our visit to Mole National Park with Angela & Nat.

Nat & Angela Visit

Angela Goerz was a classmate of mine in high school in Ivory Coast. Her parents have been missionaries in West Africa for 40 years! Last year, Angela married Nat and they decided to come to Ghana so that… Read More

Mole National Park

The last tourist destination on our trip north with my in-laws was Ghana’s famous Mole National Park (pronounced MOH-LAY, like that delicious Mexican brown sauce). The park is Ghana’s largest wildlife reserve and is famous for its over… Read More