Family at the Scarp

Beem daana tuya kabiri la dukku ni.

A mean man’s beans burn in the pot.

Mamprusi Proverb

Happy 2nd Birthday, KJ!

William was away on KJ’s actual birthday so we celebrated when he returned two weeks later. We invited several of her and Trey’s Ghanaians friends over for some play time and cake.

Our friend Baby made a delicious chocolate & vanilla layer cake. The trampoline and new slide on the treehouse were a big hit with the kids.


Nalerigu’s East Bridge Collapses

The 30 year-old “temporary” bailey bridge out of Nalerigu has collapsed.

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Rainy season is in full swing and that means the insect population is booming. It also means that thousands of large bats have returned to our hospital campus to feed.

Why so many bats in one place? Deforestation is a huge issue in northern Ghana and the Baptist Medical Centre has not allowed its trees to be cut unless absolutely necessary. Also, in the past, the hospital’s American missionaries enjoyed planting trees on the campus. The result is a little forest “oasis” in our region. So now, every rainy season thousands of bats come to our large trees to rest during the day before they head out in the evening to devour tons (literally) of insects.

Another contributing factor is that over the last five years the consumption of bat meat has plummeted due to ebola fears. I can remember seeing groups of boys shooting the bats with slingshots when we first came to BMC in 2007. Since then I’ve only seen some kids eating bat once in the last couple years and they were out in the bush and oblivious of what ebola was.

So as for our growing bat population? I’m a fan. The more mosquitoes they eat, the less I get bit!

A Visit to Togo

This past week we drove all the way down to the coast of Benin by passing through Togo. We fell in love with the beauty of Togo’s northern region. The mountains are beautiful and the government has been serious about reforestation efforts (something greatly lacking in Ghana).

In Togo, we swung by to visit Everette, an old friend of William’s from high school. Everette went to the same boarding school as William in Ivory Coast and they hadn’t seen each other in nearly 20 years! Everette and his family are now serving as Bible translators.

Another cool experience was stopping exactly on the Prime Meridian as we crossed it on our way home in Ghana.