Burkina Pit Stop

In heart of Burkina Faso’s Kaboré Tambi National Park, lies a hilarious mystery. For the last three years a massive pile of broken ceramic toilet seats has been lying on the side of the road.

We have no idea how it got there but it’s definitely our favorite pit stop on our drives to and from Ouaga.

Cahill Baby Naming

Our friends and colleagues the Cahills recently delivered their third little girl at BMC. Shortly after her birth, Lori’s parents and niece came to visit them. During their stay, they had a baby naming ceremony at Fulbe Baptist Church which they attend in Nalerigu.

Heidi’s parents were also in town so we all attended with several of the current volunteers at BMC. The church was packed tight and afterwards we all went by the Cahill’s house for a meal.

Trey’s 11th Birthday Party

Trey’s birthday was in August but he postponed his party until all his friends and his grandparents were in town. So on September 4, we celebrated at our house and had our friend Baby bake another delicious cake for us.

Some of the games Trey and his friend played were tag, water balloons, capture the flag and a freestyle trampoline jumping contest. The most fun was watching Trey try to blow his trick candles out over and over and over again!

Welcome Nils & Marlen!

German NGOs Evivo & Weltwärts have sent two new volunteers to Nalerigu to work at a local private school and feeding center. We’ve served as mentors for each pair of volunteers for the last three years and it’s always been an fun experience.

Since we started, we’ve declared Sunday nights to be German Movie Night and we have the volunteers over for dinner and a movie (which is sometimes and actual German movie).

We’re happy to welcome Nils & Marlen as they start their year of service in Nalerigu. We look forward to many German Movie Nights together!

Uganda’s Adungu Harp

I was recently visiting churches in the refugee camps of northwestern Uganda and came across these wonderful instruments. Called an adungu (or ekidongo or ennenga in other languages) it is a sort of arched harp.

When arriving at one church, I heard music coming from inside. The bass was so clear that I assumed it was a speaker system. I looked around and saw no power lines at all and was curious how they were powering the audio system. Upon entering the church I saw three men playing adungus of different sizes. The largest (which was making the deep, clear bass tones) was so long that a little kid sat on the tail end and beat it like a drum!

BMC Construction

The Baptist Medical Centre where we live and work has been blessed with a very generous donation from the Helmsley Charitable Trust in the US. With the new funds, the hospital administration has been able to finish the new Outpatient & Administration building that was started five years ago. They have also begun a new project to build new hospital wards.

I recently flew my drone over the campus to get a birds-eye view of the progress of the construction.

Trey Turns 11

This fella turned eleven today! We’re holding off on a birthday party until his grandparents and some of this local friends who are gone on holiday get back. Nonetheless, he got to open some birthday presents and one was a drone. Below are some shots he took with it.