Paintings of the Hewitt Kids

Before leaving, Heidi found time to do three small paintings of the Hewitt kids from photos I took of them. She gave the paintings to Mona and Earl as a Christmas present. Mona scanned them and shared the digital copies with us.

See Life’s Textures

The slideshow below is a series of images (mostly black, white, and green) that I took of the rocks along the coast of Elmina, Ghana. The textures and creatures growing on the rocks were quite fascinating.

If you like these you should definitely take a look at Kenny Jensen’s photography from the coastline of San Diego. He recently had an exhibit with some amazingly colorful photographs of the sea life there.

Boyz2 Art (w/ slideshow)

The very first day I went into Nalerigu, Ghana I noticed the colorful yet simple illustrations on the signs outside of shops. Barber shops, saloons, restaurants, butcheries, photo studios and even cell phone booths all had amazing paintings on their signs.

Boyz2Men’s painting of Sylvester Stallone outside a VCD rental shopI started taking pictures of the signs and while reviewing my photographs I noticed a common element. Every painting was signed either “Art by Boyz2Men” or “Art by Boyz”. I went to the town’s video rental store (they have quite an impressive selection of pirated VCDs and Nigerian films) which sported a larger-than-life Boyz painting of Sylvester Stallone from Cobra. I left a message with the shop owner to ask Boyz to come to my house. Read More

Photo(s) of the Day (by the Hewitt kids!)

I’m breaking form here and posting three photos of the day – each taken by a Hewitt family kid.

3 guidelines for better photosThe kids got digital cameras for Christmas so Mona asked me to give them a little art lesson about photography. I explained to them the 3 guidelines to better photos. Then they had 20 minutes to go take three pictures: a person, a plant, a place. When they came back we looked at the photos and discussed the three questions. I’ve posted three of their best as today’s Photo of the Day.

Emily Hewitt’s People Photo Abby Hewitt’s Plant Photo Benton Hewitt’s People Photo

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2007 Haun Christmas Card

2007 Haun Christmas Card

In years past we’ve made videos for Christmas cards (2006, 2005, 2002) but this year we commissioned Boyz2Men, the top artist in Nalerigu to paint our card for us (more on him later).  Merry Christmas to all!

Comic Sans Flakes

Corn FlakesI gave you a look at the artistic genius that is my breakfast every morning.  Unfortunately Heidi gets the opposite. She eats some generic Ghanaian corn flakes every day and has to stare at a box featuring the Comic Sans font. No breakfast of champions would write the word “champion” in Comic Sans.

For those of you who aren’t font snobs and don’t understand the evils of Comic Sans, I invite you to visit to be educated. To quote that website:

“…widespread abuses of printed type threaten to erode the very foundations upon which centuries of typographic history are built. “

For those of you who would like to become font snobs, I invite you to check out the Helvetica documentary now out on DVD.

Super White Oats

Super White OatsTalk about the breakfast of champions! This is what I’ve been eating every morning. They may not taste all that great but staring at the genius artwork while I eat makes me forget about all that.

I’m a bit perplexed by the yellow burst in the bottom right stating “NEW Improved”. I didn’t know you could improve on raw oats all that much. Maybe the old version was just white and not super white.

I know one thing for sure – if David Brent saw these he would point a finger and say “Racial.”