Christmas in Nalerigu

Trey and our Christmas TreeI found this small tree in the pantry of house #7. Mona and Jane have also shared some of their Christmas decorations with us. It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas here in Nalerigu.

Chick Magnet (Photo of the Day)

While driving down to Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso today we passed several “chicken mopeds”. These are guys carrying live chickens and guinea fowl on their motorbikes from one village to another to sell. I had heard of this method of transport but hadn’t actually seen it yet. I was very impressed. Here are a few others I snapped through the truck’s windshield:

The Brown City

When I describe Ouagadougou to people I call it a brown city. There is dirt and dust everywhere. It is mostly due to the fact that this is harmattan and Ouaga gets you farther north, close to the Sahara. However, it is also because most of the buildings are made from mud bricks instead of cement.

Ougadougou, Burkina Faso - a brown cityI took this photo from the airplane as I was flying into Ouaga from Abidjan. As you can see, everything looks brown – almost like I added a sepia effect.

Photo of the Day: Emily

This is Emily Peters, a short-term missionary in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She is one of the writers on the IMB West Africa media team that I was working with this past week.

The last night I was in Abidjan the team treated me to a delicious dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in town. The place not only had amazing food but a really cool decor. There was a lamp with a funky shade behind Emily that provided the great backlighting for this image.

Here are some other images from the restaurant:

New Site Goes Live! LogoAfter a long week of work in Abidjan with the West Africa media team we managed to wrap up the website and launch it before I left today.

I’m really excited to see the new site online because it was long overdue for a new look. The old design was put in place by the media team that was serving in 2002.  In fact, the Wayback Machine will give you a look at the original design back in May 2003.

Another exciting thing for me is that all the photos that rotate across the top are ones I’ve taken on this trip. When they said they wanted happy faces across the top I thought “Hey! I’ve got a few of those. Is 150 enough?” It is really satisfying to see those images being used for the ministry. Read More

Late Night of Web Work

I’ve been coming in to the media office every day at 8am and not leaving until around 1am.  Tonight takes the cake – 8am to 3am.  We’re planning to launch the new web site in the morning before I catch my flight back to Burkina Faso at 1pm.

Hopefully I’ll get enough zzzs to function properly in the morning.