Photo of the Day

This kid was a student at the school run by Sankor Baptist Church in Wineba, Ghana. I took several shots of kids at the school with the chalk board as back drops. Some of the chalk boards had some great stuff written on them. One had an explanation of why germs were bad. Another had a lecture on why you should keep your clothes clean.

Photo of the Day + Bonus Art/Math Lesson

In this image, Dr. Faile is checking out a little girl he is about to operate on. She had a large growth on the back of her head and he was figuring out how he was going to go about removing it.

Dr. Faile examines a surgery patient before operating

I really like the composition of this image because it (loosely) uses the golden ratio. Read More

Professor William

William teaches US Geography to MKsThis week a took a break from photography and computer repair to be an elementary school teacher. For a couple days I taught US Geography to the missionary kids that are home schooled here at the hospital.

With a little help from Google Earth and my collections of photos and videos from our 2004 trip to San Francisco, the kids took a virtual roadtrip across the United States.

Mona Hewitt home-schools all three of her kids: Benton, Abby, and Emily. On one day we were joined by the Esalas, Lutheran missionaries in the nearby town of Nakpanduri. Their daughters Karissa and Annaka join the Hewitts once a week for classes (and play time).

Skin Grafting (with slideshow)

This Thursday afternoon, I helped Dr. Faile with 2 skin grafts. Skin grafts are used to cover wounds or burns that have a large surface area. The graft is usually made from the patient’s own healthy skin, but sometimes synthetic or cadaveric skin is used. The skin graft provides a framework for the healing process, prevents water losses and gives the wound a covering. Read More

Photo of the Day

I’ve been experimenting more with my photographs in the OR; trying different compositions and techniques. I posted a reflection shot a couple days ago and now have another interesting one that I like a lot.

Heidi told me it might gross some people out since you can see an enlarged, bloody prostate in the shot. I don’t think it’s that gross but consider yourself warned anyway! Read More

Faces from a Funeral

Faces from a Funeral

On Wednesday I attended a funeral in the village of Gbandu with Elizabeth Faile. Going to events like this with someone who speaks the language and is a guest of honor is a huge break for me. Once I have been introduced as a friend I’m no longer just some random white guy snapping pictures and people really open up.

I took quite a few portraits at the the funeral and have posted my favorites here for you to view. The very last image is by far my favorite. I didn’t even remember having taken it and when I got home and saw it in full size it blew me away. I dare say it is probably my favorite image that I have taken since our arrival in Ghana at the beginning of October.