Photo of the Day

Though there isn’t anything spectacular about this photo’s composition, lighting, or color I just like the subject.

This baboon and its baby were crossing the highway as we drove by. I had the driver stop and a managed to snap a couple shots before they retreated back into the forest.

There is something gripping (pun intended) about the way that baby is hanging on for dear life. You could also pull out some life lessons about parenting and trust.

A Baboon crosses the highway in Ghana

It’s a Small World After All

I was in a Muslim Hausa neighborhood of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire with missionary Greg Sharpe and we were chatting with this guy. It took me several minutes before I noticed his t-shirt.

A&M Hauling Clearwater, FL on a t-shirt in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Photo of the Day

Today on the way to Frankadua I crossed over the Volta River on this impressive bridge in the town of Adome. A couple kilometers up the river is the Akosombo Dam which provides electricity to most of Ghana and several neighboring countries. The dam also creates the massive Lake Volta.

Pray for William’s Trip to Frankadua

Today was an extremely frustrating day. I spent the entire day in people’s offices trying to arrange the details and itineraries for my next 6 days in Accra. After hours of dealing with politics and bureaucracy I have at least ironed out details for tomorrow. The next 5 days are still up in the air.

Tomorrow I will be going to Frankadua, the village where the Baptist Vocational Training Center is located. This Center helps to rehabilitate Trokosi slaves into society after they have been freed.

Trokosi, or ritual servitude, is an old cultural tradition found mostly in the south eastern part of Ghana in which virgin girls are offered as slaves to fetish priests (voodoo witch doctors) to atone for the sins of the elders in the family. It was outlawed in 1998 but there are still an estimated 2000+ women and children enslaved. I will share more about this evil practice and what the Ghana Baptist Convention is doing to free and rehabilitate these victims after I return from the Center.

Please pray for me tomorrow as I travel to this village. Pray that God can help me to put today’s frustrations behind me and be used by Him to tell help the stories of these women whose lives He is changing in amazing ways.

Visiting a Hausa Family and Their Newborn

The Sharpes are working with the Hausa of Cote d’Ivoire and had been invited to a Muslim Hausa family’s baby naming ceremony in Abidjan. I went along with them but we arrived too late and missed the ceremony. However, we still had a great time visiting with the family and meeting all the neighbors.

The mother had given birth to twins but the baby boy didn’t make it. Before leaving they let us pray for them and their newborn child.

Pray with us that God can use the Sharpes’ friendship with this family to lead them to know Him. Pray that this baby girl will grow up healthy and strong and also come to know Christ and His love for her.

Visiting a Muslim Hausa family and their newborn

Also, I’m going to cheat a bit and make the above image my photo of the day. I figure it is a nice segway back to color photos after the last several being black & white.

Church Services in Abidjan

Abidjan Church Services - October 28, 2007

Sunday morning I went to two different churches in Abidjan. Read More