2018 Fire Festival Photos & Video

This year’s Fire Festival in Nalerigu was a fun one. After the NaYiri kick started the festivities by throwing the throngs of youth got crazy. I took photos of the torch toss so the video below only shows… Read More

2017 Fire Festival Photos

This year’s Fire Festival was the rowdiest I’ve experienced. Normally I just attend the main events with the paramount chief – parade, torch throwing, praising singing, water distribution – and then go back home. This evening I hung… Read More

Gun-Related Injuries in Mamprugu

The Mamprusi sure do love their guns. Unfortunately, this sends some to our hospital with traumatic injuries. With the Fire Festival coming up this weekend, here’s a cautionary tale of the wounds inflicted by guns that Heidi deals with.

2016 Fire Festival in Nalerigu (Bugum Toobu)

As I’ve mentioned before, the annual Fire Festival (Bugum Toobu or Bugum Kyuu) is one of my favorite cultural events (see 2015, 2014). It’s a wonderful mix of traditional, ancient order and wild, youthful antics. This year’s event… Read More

NPR Publishes Fire Festival Story

One of NPR’s culture blogs has published a photo of mine along with a story about the Fire Festival. It is written from the perspective of a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dagomba area of northern Ghana. The Dagomba are siblings of the Mamprusi as they share a common ancestor and therefore they share many of the same customs and traditions.

Mampruli Fire Festival Prayer

May God allow me to live through the coming year with health and throw fire again.

2015 Nalerigu Fire Festival (Bugum Kyuu)

The Fire Festival is not only one of our favorites in Nalerigu, but it also serves as our one-year marker. Hard to believe that we arrived in Nalerigu just before last year’s Fire Festival. Once again we were… Read More