KJ – Our Little Language Learning Helper

David’s Sling

The type of sling David used in ancient times to slay Goliath can still be found today in northern Ghana. Watch a video clip of one in action and hear KJ’s animated recounting of how David killed the giant.

Three Month Kids’ Update (Photo Gallery)

We end up with a lot of individual photos of the kids that don’t particularly deserve a blog post of their own. So now’s our chance to dump three month’s worth of photos on you. Here you go!

Grandparents Visit

We’ve been blessed to have the kids’ grandparents visit us each year that we’ve been in West Africa. This year was my parents’ turn and they timed it so that KJ and “Granny Sarah” could celebrate their birthdays… Read More

Happy 3rd Birthday, KJ!

This weekend we celebrated KJ’s birthday at our home in Nalerigu. KJ’s grandparents had come to visit and Granny Sarah’s birthday is the day before KJ’s so it was a dual-birthday party! Lots of KJ & Trey’s friends… Read More

May the Fourth Be With You

KJ Learning to Swim

Watch videos of KJ swimming and see how she improved a lot this month during our short holiday in Mole National Park.