Gyɛrigu zeem piini, u zi ba mɔŋŋi la sɔa.

The fool despises a gift, unaware that some people don’t get anything.

Mamprusi Proverb

Shoe Distribution in Kolinvaai

When the first Pinecrest Team came out from Cordele, GA and worked with the children of Kolinvaai, the student body leader pleaded for two things: footballs and new shoes. The second Pinecrest group brought them footballs and this week I delivered over 600 shoes to the school.

While Pinecrest provided the funds for the shoes, they were purchased locally by the Kolinvaai church treasurer and the distribution was done by members of Kolinvai Baptist Church. I was pleased to see the American church’s donation not only support the local economy but allow the members of the local church to be the face of the aid in their community.

We’re so appreciative of our brothers & sisters in Cordele for their love and support. May God richly bless you in all that you do for His glory!

Women’s StoryTogether Project

Last year, a colleague in Burkina Faso started launched a Lottie Moon Project (it’s like Kickstarter for IMB) with the goal of raising $30,710 to train women to train women to share God’s stories. Wait what? Train to train to…?

Well, you teach someone Bible stories but how much better is it to teach them to teach others? The coolest thing is that the group consists of 32 women from eight different languages. They’ve already had two five day workshops and have several more planned.

The women not only learn how to tell the stories but they craft indigenous songs based on the stories they learn (see the video below). These worship songs are just another tool that helps them to remember and to teach the Bible stories to others.

Finally, they are learning how to craft additional stories on their own. This means that after this project’s two year limit is up, they can continue crafting and training other women from their ethnic groups.

I had a chance to attend the workshop one day last month and it was really impressive to see how dedicated these women were to learning the craft of storying. If you’d like to contribute financially to this project just follow this link to its project on If you can’t contribute that way, you can definitely pray for the workshop leaders and for the women participating in the training. Between workshops, they go back home and put into practice what they’ve learned – sharing the truth of Scripture with their family and friends in the heart language!

A New Perspective

My employer recently issued a drone to me for use in work related photography and video productions. While a drone is a very expensive tool, it’s also a lot of fun. In order to be good a piloting and shooting with it when “on the job” I’ve got to get lots of flight hours in to practice. So far I’ve flown it in Burkina Faso, Thailand, and of course, Ghana.

Shooting from up high gives you a whole new perspective on things. Here are a few bird’s eye view shots of West Africa.

Photos from Thailand Trip

In February 2017 we spent some time in northern Thailand. We went on a few excursions which included a hike through a National Park to see waterfalls, elephant riding, sampling local coffee, visiting Buddhist temples, and a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Thailand Visit

We’ve just arrived in Thailand to attend a conference for the next two weeks. It’s our first time in East Asia and we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures, new scenery, delicious food, childcare (!), and time to relax a bit.