Bye Bye, Nana & Pappy!

Concerning Ovarian Masses

Lately, I have seen a fair amount of Gynecologic pathology. I have treated pelvic abscesses (pus in the pelvis) related to pelvic inflammatory disease or complications of pregnancy and delivery. The number of ovarian cysts, tumors and cancers has also increased in the last 9 months.

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Burkina Drone Shots

We’ve been vacationing in southwestern Burkina Faso this past week and I brought my drone along. Here are some aerial views of the sites we saw.

Tasty Termite Treats

At the start of rainy season, on evenings after heavy rains, we often get thousands of large flying termites swarming around our outside lights.

Growing up in Ivory Coast, I learned that these little buggers are edible. If you put a bucket with water below a light you can swat the flying insects into it where they’ll be stuck in the water. After collecting a bunch, you then go about the slightly time consuming task of plucking of their wings. By the time you finish and have a mass of termite torsos they will have all drowned and died.

Then you melt some butter in a frying pan and fry the termites up. Add a little salt, and… Tada! Your tasty treat is ready. They all puff up and get crunchy – a great alternative to popcorn for your next movie watching experience.

Burkina Pit Stop

In heart of Burkina Faso’s Kaboré Tambi National Park, lies a hilarious mystery. For the last three years a massive pile of broken ceramic toilet seats has been lying on the side of the road.

We have no idea how it got there but it’s definitely our favorite pit stop on our drives to and from Ouaga.

Cahill Baby Naming

Our friends and colleagues the Cahills recently delivered their third little girl at BMC. Shortly after her birth, Lori’s parents and niece came to visit them. During their stay, they had a baby naming ceremony at Fulbe Baptist Church which they attend in Nalerigu.

Heidi’s parents were also in town so we all attended with several of the current volunteers at BMC. The church was packed tight and afterwards we all went by the Cahill’s house for a meal.