Family at the Scarp

Beem daana tuya kabiri la dukku ni.

A mean man’s beans burn in the pot.

Mamprusi Proverb

Trey Featured on Georgia Baptist Missions Calendar

Happy 2nd Birthday, KJ!

William was away on KJ’s actual birthday so we celebrated when he returned two weeks later. We invited several of her and Trey’s Ghanaians friends over for some play time and cake.

Our friend Baby made a delicious chocolate & vanilla layer cake. The trampoline and new slide on the treehouse were a big hit with the kids.


Goodbye, Mattis, we’ll miss you!

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar

After his project in Spain was finished, William and a colleague drove a couple hours down the coast to the famous Rock of Gibraltar. They rented a yacht (via AirBNB!) and spent two nights in the bay. During the day they climbed the mountain and explored the old city. Here is a gallery of photos from the trip:

Gibraltar June 2017