Thailand Visit

We’ve just arrived in Thailand to attend a conference for the next two weeks. It’s our first time in East Asia and we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures, new scenery, delicious food, childcare (!), and time to relax a bit.

Trey’s New Passport

With our upcoming trip to Thailand we had to rush and renew Trey’s passport. It was a bit of a challenge since I was in South Africa and we only had two weeks to get it done.

Heidi took the photo below in Ghana, emailed it to me in South Africa, I edited and formatted it, sent it back, she printed it and then we went to the embassy together and turned it in.

South Africa Safari

I just got back from a two week trip to South Africa to work on a media project about Africa’s rapid urbanization. After the coverage was wrapped up, my team took a day trip to Pilanesberg National Park to go on safari. I was there in early 2015 but was happy to go back and see the incredible wildlife. It really is the best park to visit to get the most wildlife bang for your buck.

Here’s a montage of video clips from the day followed by some photos.


Accra Trucker Medical Clinic

Several of my friends & colleagues are involved with a ministry working with the truckers of West Africa. You may not realize it, but there are thousands of truck drivers that transport goods daily from the ports on the coast (Abidjan, Accra/Tema, Lomé, Cotonou, etc…) north to the landlocked countries like Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali.

One aspect of their work is to provide free medical care to the drivers by holding clinics at truck stops at the borders or ports. I’ve attended two such clinics – one on the Burkina/Togo border and one in Tema (the port city just east of Accra, Ghana). Since so many of the truckers come from francophone countries, my French has been helpful in organizing the the clinics, translating for doctors, and sharing the Good News with the drivers.

Here are some images of the free clinic they held in Tema earlier this month. Please pray for the trucker team of West Africa as they witness to this transient community and show Christ’s love through clinics like this one.

Mole National Park with Pinecrest Team

When the first team from Cordele came out it was rainy season. That time of year isn’t very good for animal spotting at Mole National Park. So they went south to see the slave castle at Cape Coast and climb the canopy at Kakum.

This group had the benefit of coming during dry season – the best time for safari in Mole. We just stayed one night but had a VERY close encounter with an elephant (too close) as well as spotting lots of other wildlife. I also noticed that the baboon population was down and they were less aggressive than they’ve been in the past. That is a welcome change!

Pinecrest Team #2

Wow. Last November we had a fantastic visit from our friends family at Pinecrest Baptist Church in Cordele, GA. At that time, senior Pastor Rev. David Grantham came out with three others to minister alongside of us in Nalerigu and some surrounding villages.

Not two months later and they sent a second team! This time is was Rev. Kenny Peters and three others. Heidi was especially excited to have Dr. Vince Culpepper, a partner in the surgical firm where she worked in Cordele, come with the team.

Vince and Heidi worked on cases at the hospital and Kenny, Bob and Melissa joined William in evangelism, Bible study and children’s ministry. At one point they had nearly 500 children attend an event. It was crazy!

We’re so thankful to Pinecrest for their support of not just Lottie Moon and Cooperative Program, but how they have gone above and beyond to invest their lives & love in us personally. We can’t wait for the next group that comes out to join us!