All There Chop Bar

Every Sunday when we get back to Nalerigu from attending church in a village, we swing by ALL THERE CHOP BAR to grab lunch. Our friend Candy runs the business which is across the street from the Presby Church. The ladies there prepare local staples fufu, banku, kenkey, tz, and rice along with light soup, groundnut stew, and shito.

William likes to get banku and light soup and the rest of the family enjoys kenkey with groundnut stew. Our Sunday lunches cost us 3 Ghana cedis which is about 70cents US. And we usually can’t eat it all so Buster gets the left overs!

I kpaam yi kpaai m-basi, i vaari n-soosiri la i beema.

If your oil pours out, you gather it and rub it on your shins.

Mamprusi Proverb

We’ll Miss You, Mr. Chini!

On Christmas Eve day, Mr. Chini passed away. Chini worked for years at BMC, specifically at House #6 which is the guesthouse for volunteers. In years past, he worked as a groundskeeper but as he got older he became a watchman at House #6.

Chini was also a leader at the church plant in Alafia Tinga (the TB village). He was always singing praise songs to the Lord (some of which he made up himself) and he loved praying for volunteers.

We first met Chini in 2007 when he and a very little Trey became good friends (photo above).

He’ll be greatly missed and I pray that his legacy as a strong man of God is continued by his three sons.

Ms. Denise and Her Animals’ Holiday Cheer

For the last two years we’ve gone hiking at Nakpanduri and visited Ms. Denise on Boxing Day. This year Heidi had an emergency surgery to do that took a lot more time than expected. So we waited until the 27th to visit Denise at Nakpanduri.

As is her tradition, she had her many animals decorated with garland for Christmas. She also had a brand new baby foal that had been just born on Christmas Eve day! It’s newborn coat of fur was amazingly soft.

Fire Fighting

After being extra careful not to start a brush fire while we were camping, we came home to a fire that started blazing by our house. It started next to the path behind our house and thanks to high winds, it spread all across the south side of BMC in a matter of minutes. The watchmen were fighting it off up the hill so Heidi, Trey and I had to tackle it at our house until they had it contained up top and could join us.

Thankfully no buildings were damaged and, on the bright side, we don’t have to worry about wild fires anymore now that all the brush has been toasted!

Camping at the Escarpment on Boxing Day

Trey has been asking to go camping at the scarp for a long time now. We finally set aside Boxing Day as the day to do it. We drove out to our favorite spot north of Namaasim and setup camp.

The above 360° photo is of us on the edge of the cliffs. Notice the pile of straw & sticks for the big bonfire. And now here’s the fire raging a few hours later!

In the morning a few early birds heading out to farm saw us and were perplexed by the idea of us sleeping out in the bush. They’d ask “what are you doing?” and I’d reply “we built a farm house (tent) and slept here.” “WHY?” was what I heard over and over again.

The closest thing I could say to “just for fun” in Mampruli roughly translates as “Because it was our heart’s desire.”