Gwollu Slave Defense Wall

In a small community near the Ghana-Burkina Faso border stands one of the only two remaining slave defense walls in Ghana. This historical monument in the Ghana’s town of Gwollu is a reminder of the dark history and… Read More

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Larabanga

The history of Ghana’s most famous mud mosque is shrouded in mystery and myth. Not only is the Larabanga mosque a popular architectural monument in West Africa but a revered spiritual site.

A Jingle from Ghana’s Famine of ’77

An old Mampruli jingle is a reminder of the famine that plagued northern Ghana in the late 70s and the corruption that exacerbated its horrific effects.

Elephants in June at Mole National Park

With my parents’ visit we decided to take them to Mole National Park. June isn’t necessarily the best time to go because the rains have started and the elephants leave the watering holes and head into the bush…. Read More

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Banda Nkwanta

A historic Sudano-Sahelian mud mosque stands tall at a heavily trafficked junction in Banda Nkwanta in Ghana’s Northern Region.

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Wuriyanga

Ghana’s only Sudano-Sahelian historic mud mosque in the Djenne style lies in the small Mossi village of Wuriyanga in the Upper East Region near Garu. Probably over a century old, it is still in active use today and well-maintained by the local community.

Ghana’s Historic Mosques: Bole

The historic mosque of Bole, Ghana is an early 20th century mud building in the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. It features two short towers along with the classic buttresses and exterior wood scaffolding design. Only five other mosques like it are still in use in northern Ghana.